About The Owner

I bought the Lincoln Pet Hotel to give pet parents peace of mind that their fur babies are in the loving, caring hands,  of someone who has experience with animals.

Having heard stories about people’s pets being mistreated and traumatized in kennels and backyard pet sitters in my home region, I knew I wanted to make a difference.

I am an animal lover, animal rights activist and support many groups. I also rescue animals and take in surrendered animals. Before I moved to the Fredericton area, I rehabilitated dogs, worked with feral kittens, and got them ready for adoption.

My vision for the Lincoln Pet Hotel is to see it full of happy animals creating their own memories, while their owners rest easy on their own vacations. I have also built a rescue shelter for animals that are waiting for homes and ones that are not adoptable. There is lots of land and space for pets to be free, and most important there is lots of love. My door is always open for them – my home is their home.

– D

We Love Them As Much As You Do!

Rest easy knowing your furry family is safe, comfortable, and having fun! Contact Delilah to book your pet’s’ stay.