Helpful Information

Helpful Reminders:

You should remember to bring:

  • Medical records/ book show of proof
  • Food and treats
  • Proper fitting collar
  • Something to sleep on optional not a requirement, such as a small blanket. Please no king size duvet or big dog beds.

I am the sole operator of this business. In order to get things done on a timely matter and give your pets the best care please show up on time if your coming after 12pm. Monday to Friday I may also leave the house for emergencies, and work also consists of leaving the house.

If you need after hours please let me know in advance and be on time. After hours is not available on weekends. If you would like to check on on your pets please do so during business hours.

I will respond to calls after hours; if it is an emergency and you need pet care leave a message and I will respond as soon I can. Thank you!

Helpful Suggestions:

  • If you feel your pet may be anxious while saying with us, bring the pillow case you slept on the night before. Thunder shirts also work well.
  • If you’re concerned your pet may not eat, bring the bowls they use at home everyday.
  • Your extra items will be put in a bin in front of their hotel room.
  • Check out is at 12 pm, and pickups after 12 pm will be charged for a full day.
  • It is common for dogs to chew their beds while at the hotel. It does not indicate your pet was not loved, during their stay with us. If you’re concerned your dog may chew their bed, please don’t bring it.
  • Yes – it is hard to drop your furry kid off, this is just like dropping your kids off at the baby sitter. The longer you hug and kiss them while they cry, the harder you make it on the dog after you leave to adjust. we will love them just as much as you do when you leave!
  • We do not accept dogs that bite or are aggressive. If your dog does bite or get aggressive you will be called immediately and expected to pick up your animal. I can’t risk getting being bitten or injured!

Other Notes:

  • If you going to be late or early for dropoff or pickup, please call to insure I will be available to accommodate you.
  • Please be respectful of my time. Afternoons are scheduled for the dog’s play time, and dogs can’t be unsupervised. That time is also put aside for picking up and dropping off. When people are coming and going, it disrupts the dogs and can cause them stress. I want to keep the hotel a calm relaxing place – you wouldn’t want people coming and going from your hotel room when you’re on vacation!

We Love Them As Much As You Do!

Rest easy knowing your furry family is safe, comfortable, and having fun! Contact Delilah to book your pet’s’ stay.