Rates and Services

Boarding Rates


Starting at $20/day

1 Dog$20/day
2 Dogs$30/day
3 Dogs$40/day
4 Dogs$50/day


Starting at $15/day

1 Cat$15/day
2 Cats$21/day
3 Cats$31/day
4 Cats$38/day

Other Pets

Contact us for other pets

Birds$12 per cage
Rabbits$12 per cage
Hamsters$12 per cage
Guinea Pigs$12 per cage

Dog Daycare Rates

One Dog 
Half day$15
Full day$20
Two Dogs 
Half day$25
Full day$30
Three Dogs 
Half day$35
Full day$40

Grooming Services

Dog Baths

Small dogs$25
Medium dogs$35
Large dogs$45

Deshedding Treatment

Small dogs$12
Medium dogs$15
Large dogs$18-21

Therapeutic Pet Massage

For Dogs

Half hour$30
One hour$50

For Cats

Half hour$20
One hour$40

Add-on Services

Outside time$5/ half hour, $10/ hour
Providing food$3/day per animal
Administering medications$1.50
After hours drop-off or pick-up$10
  • Additional cost for animals that do not easily take medication.
  • Please bring wet food and/or pill pockets for the medication.
  • After hours drop-off or pick-up service is available during the week, before 9am and no later than 9pm.
  • After hours drop-off or pick-up is not available on weekends.
  • Please provide a time that you can commit to – please be on time.


  • We offer a discount of 10% off for stays over 30 days.
  • Military, seniors, students, and those with disabilities will receive a discount.

Other Info

  • We do pet shipping as well, shipping service picking up and dropping pets off at the airport.
  • We can pick-up or drop-off animals in the local area for a fee of $30.
  • Additional fees may be applied if you are not on time.
  • Cats must be on a flea treatment program, dewormed, and must be spayed or neutered.
  • Dogs over 1 year must me spayed or neutered, dewormed and on a flea treatment program.

Things to Bring

For Dogs

  • Food
  • Rooms have beds toys dishes.
  • If you would like to bring your pets belongings please have their name on the items.

For Cats

  • You need only bring food.
  • Dishes, litter & litter box, toys, beds, scratching posts are provided.

We Love Them As Much As You Do!

Rest easy knowing your furry family is safe, comfortable, and having fun! Contact Delilah to book your pet’s’ stay.