Rates for Boarding and Services

Pet Boarding Rates

Dog Boarding

Starting at $23/day

1 Dog$23/day
2 Dogs$38/day
3 Dogs$53/day
4 Dogs$68/day
5 Dogs$83/day

Cat Boarding

Starting at $18/day

1 Cat$18/day
2 Cats$28/day
3 Cats$38/day
4 Cats$48/day
5 Cats$58/day

Other Pets

Contact us for other pets

Birds$12 per cage
Rabbits$12 per cage
Hamsters$12 per cage
Guinea Pigs$12 per cage

Doggy Day Care Rates

One Dog
Half day$15
Full day$20
Two Dogs
Half day$25
Full day$30
Three Dogs
Half day$35
Full day$40

Grooming Services

Dog Baths

Small dogs$25
Medium dogs$35
Large dogs$45

Deshedding Treatment

Small dogs$12
Medium dogs$15
Large dogs$18-21

Therapeutic Pet Massage

For Dogs

Half hour$30
One hour$50

For Cats

Half hour$20
One hour$40

Add-on Services

Outside time$5/ half hour, $10/ hour
Providing food$3/day per animal
Administering medications$1.50
After hours drop-off or pick-up$10
  • Additional cost for animals that do not easily take medication.
  • Please bring wet food and/or pill pockets for the medication.
  • After hours drop-off or pick-up service is available during the week, before 9am and no later than 9pm.
  • After hours drop-off or pick-up is not available on weekends.
  • Please provide a time that you can commit to – please be on time.


  • We offer a discount of 10% off for stays over 30 days.
  • Military, seniors, students, and those with disabilities will receive a discount.
  • Overseas posting or over 60 days: Dogs 20.00, Cats 15.00

Other Info

  • We do pet shipping as well, shipping service picking up and dropping pets off at the airport.
  • We can pick-up or drop-off animals in the local area for a fee of $30.
  • Additional fees may be applied if you are not on time.
  • Cats must be on a flea treatment program, dewormed, and must be spayed or neutered.
  • Dogs over 1 year must me spayed or neutered, dewormed and on a flea treatment program.

Things to Bring

Bring for Dogs

  • Food
  • Rooms have beds toys dishes.
  • If you would like to bring your pets belongings please have their name on the items.

Bring for Cats

  • You need only bring food.
  • Dishes, litter & litter box, toys, beds, scratching posts are provided.

We Love Them As Much As You Do!

Fredericton – rest easy knowing your furry family is safe, comfortable, and having fun! Contact Delilah to book your pet’s’ stay.